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Sr. IOS Developer



            September 2017 - Present

            * Responsible for the management of the mobile team

            * Developing & maintaining the iOS applications 

            * Communicating with 3rd parties
            * Managing the continuous integration
            * Attending the interviews

  • SR. IOS Developer - HÜRRiYET

​          March 2016 – September 2017

​​            I’m responsible for entire mobile application development processes (app store phases, communication with 3rd parties, continuous integration management etc.). My primary duty is to develop and manage the main application of the Hürriyet. I also developed the mobile application of from the scratch. Additionally, I conduct interviews as a technical lead for recruitment.

  • IOS Team Lead - tmobtech

              October 2014 – March 2016
          In first 2 months, I continued to work in Vodafone Cep Cüzdan & started to transfer project to a team member. Early time of new assignment, I started to put infrastructure of development right with setting coding standards, making checklists about store submission & security concerns of applications, arranging meetings with team (one hour in every week). My main duty is to further the team in development & coding skills, to develop frameworks used in the company, to keep company up-to-date with the latest technologies and to lead the iOS platform & technologies in company. Also I have been helping to all projects that was & has been developed in the company. Some of them major touches, some of them minor. I have been doing some code reviews time to time. Up to now, I improved my code review skills & infrastructure planning skills. I have started to learn leadership, team management & resource planning. 

       Here are the frameworks that I have been developing:
t-orc: It’s the main development framework that is used in our company. It is started by ar-ge team, and transferred to me after phase 1 development. 
magma: It’s a ready-to-use mobility framework & technology stack for your mobile development needs.

  • ıOS Developer - tmobtech

             August 2013 – October 2014

         ​In first six months, I worked in QA projects for maintenance. Most of the time, I was occupied with bug fixes and minor improvements. In the remaining time, I did code reviews to old projects to stabilize the infrastructures of them. These projects are; Anadolujet, Atlasglobal & Teknosa. I also participated to Mobildeniz project in the time of iOS 7 public release. In last 7 months, I moved to development side of the company. Vodafone Cep Cüzdan is the main project that I developed. There is a version of the app in store (Phase 1). First of all, my team lead & I did clean & refactor to current code of the project. Then we started with the Phase 2 development (all new design & new functionalities). After 2 months, my team lead left from the active project development, and I completed the project & published to App store. In whole year, I also improved my debugging & refactoring skills, I learned to agile project development. I mastered in Git usage & design patterns. Because of my all contributions up to now, company send me WWDC 2014, San Francisco as a reward.

  • ıOS Developer​ - SPEXCO

             June 2012 – June 2013

           Some of the projects I developed and contributed to develop working as a iOS developer:

Fatih Mobil:

Fatih Mobil Tablet:

Adapazarı Belediyesi:

Fatih AR:

UYAP Mobil Mevzuat:

    Other than that, I worked on two projects that was not send to AppStore but used actively by the customers.
One of the projects is for creating and organising (not editing) photograph and video albums. This app shows similarity MyPics application on the AppStore.
The other one is a comprehensive application. It includes; database structure (SQLite), web service connections, taking and sharing (via e-mail and SMS) notes.

  • software developer - Usta yazılım

                March 2010 – November 2011 

           I started as a part-time employee for four months then continued as a full-time employee. I was involved with various projects. I mainly worked with web-based software programmed in Silverlight and software related to inflation accounting written in Delphi.


I'm a seasoned iOS developer and team player with 6+ years experience. I'm a good leader trying to be best. I'm good in business communications, operational & team management, product design and problem solving.

As a technical team lead at Hürriyet, I'm responsible for the mobile team management. Also I've been developing & maintaining the Hürriyet's main application, Spor Arena application and Yenibiriş's main application.

I've a BS from the Middle East Technical University.


Skılls Include

Design Patterns




Continuous Integration